As a person with chronic Lyme disease, I know how frustrating, confusing, and costly treating chronic Lyme can be.  For many people, Lyme infections are complicated by pre-existing conditions and co-infections.  Pain, fatigue, and neurological symptoms make life miserable.  My personal experience with Lyme was not easy.  Over time, it turned out to be transformational.  I had been consulting with Lyme sufferers for a decade before my diagnosis.  What I didn't understand before I had Lyme was how devastating this illness can be.  


At New York Holistics, we understand that each person suffering from Lyme and its co-infections has different needs.  Our Integrated Lyme program combines several holistic modalities to strengthen the systems affected by Lyme disease. These include:


Herbal Support:

Our herbal protocol is based on feedback and experience from hundreds of clients with Lyme disease.  It combines the use of antibiotic herbs, adaptogenic herbs to support the stress response, and restorative herbs specific to organs and systems affected.


Whole Food Nutrition:

Lyme disease depletes the body of many nutrients.  The Integrated Lyme program includes a whole food supplement protocol to restore tissues and organs depleted by the illness.  A nutrient rich diet is also customized to address specific health concerns.


Lymphatic Lyme Treatment:

This is a massage technique tailored to address the pain and discomfort associated with Lyme disease.  Muscle aches, joint swelling, stiffness, and skin conditions can be reduced with a gentle, painless technique designed to move lymphatic fluid out of the affected area and replenish the tissues.


The Integrated Lyme program is safe, affordable and compatible with most other conventional and non-conventional treatments.

If you are from out of town and would like a phone consultation,  please email me at or call 315-941-3158.

Consultation only fee (in office or phone): $120 (does not include herbs and supplements.)