People with Lyme disease have a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing pain, inflammation and joint problems.  Prescription and non prescription pain medications have side effects and the benefits are temporary.  Spa massages and saunas feel good at the time, but don't address the inflammation. As a result, many lyme sufferers are looking for natural therapies to help them live their lives normally again.

Lymphatic Lyme Therapy is a type of massage designed to relieve inflammation and swelling caused by chronic infection. Each session is tailored for the client based on their specific concerns.  These may include:

-Muscle pain

-Muscle weakness

-Joint pain

-Joint swelling

-Joint stiffness

-Generalized pain

-Swollen lymph nodes

-Persistent eczema and rash


How does Lymphatic Lyme Therapy work?

Lymphatic Lyme Therapy uses a gentle, rhythmic stroke to manually push lymphatic fluid from inflamed tissue into lymphatic vessels, where it can be filtered.  Lymph fluid normally carries immune cells and cellular waste away from cells.  In cases of infection, the lymphatic system becomes burdened with extra bacteria, toxins, and dead cells.  This results in fluid imbalance, swelling, and inflammation. Lymphatic Lyme Therapy includes joint mobility stretches and massage, to increase flexibility and reduce pain.

Bree Lesniak is a NYS licensed massage therapist and holistic practitioner with 18 years of experience.  She is certified in Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage.  As a practitioner who also has chronic Lyme disease, she understands how frustrating this disease can be. 

Lymphatic Lyme Therapy works best in a series.  Discounts are available for packages. Also, ask about our comprehensive holistic lyme programs.

60 minute Lymphatic Lyme Therapy: $120

5-60 minute sessions: $480 

10-60 minute sessions: $900