8 Week Digestive Health Program

This is a holistic program designed for individuals who want to take a common sense, whole food approach to improving their digestive health.  The customized programs are easy to follow, safe and effective.  You do not have to be a "health nut" to be successful with this program.  At New York Holistics, we help you sort through all of the fad diets and trendy products so you can live your life without worrying about if you're eating the right foods. 

When you come in for your first visit, we customize a program based on the following factors:

-Health history

-Health goals

-Likes and dislikes

-Heritage and blood type

-Lifestyle and physical needs


Digestive problems often originate when food isn't being digested completely.  This can be caused by a variety of reasons including:

-Eating hard-to-digest foods too frequently

-Eating poor quality, processed foods regularly

-Eating while stressed or on the run

-Chronic illness or infection

-Decreased stomach acid, digestive enzymes or bile 

-Imbalanced gut flora due to antibiotic use


When a pattern of incomplete digestion develops over time, the lining of the GI tract can become inflamed and irritated.  This can lead to many common digestive symptoms.  The 8 week digestive health program addresses these problems with whole food nutrition. Here's what's included:

-Initial visit and assessment

-Food plan, including meal suggestions

-Follow-up visit for reassessment (4 weeks)

-Maintenance visit (8 weeks)

-Whole food supplements for 8 weeks

-Unlimited support for 8 weeks


Who can benefit from the 8 week digestive health program? Anyone who wants to improve their digestion!  However, the program can be of benefit to those suffering from specific complaints, such as:

-Food intolerance

-Acid reflux or heartburn


-Chrohn's disease

-Celiac Disease